Skytech Imaging is admittedly in its humble beginnings but not without many years of experience backing it. The owner is Merv Sauerberg, of Lethbridge. We are committed to providing our customers with the best images possible in a very diverse profession. With over 50 years flying UAV’s between us and with 30 years of photography experience we know a thing or two.

The majority of our work is aerial imagery and advances in technology have ever been rapidly moving forward in a very positive way. It was not that long ago that manned aerial flights would have been the only method of producing aerial images. But thanks to innovative people and companies that are pushing the bounds of what were once only dreams we enter an age where the word drone is very common. Gone are the days of strapping a cheap 35mm camera to the side of a model aircraft and then fly it to the area you wanted to capture a picture of and then quickly land to wind the film on to the next frame!

Welcome to the world of UAV’s. Today we are able to fly professional designed and built drones that can do the work of “boots in the field” incredibly fast and efficiently. The image results and data collected is honestly staggering. There are so many ways a drone can be deployed and flown autonomously capturing information as it fly’s its “mission.” Whether you are needing a 3D map, receive feedback concerning your crops or needing 4K video for a movie production you can pretty well know a drone will be used. What once would cost huge amounts can now be done for a very small fraction of the cost.

We encourage you to explore our website and take a look for yourself at what Skytech Imaging can do for you and your business. We will answer all email and phone messages within a 5 hour window and most of the time it’s less than one hour. If you need a service you do not see on our site, please contact us to discuss your needs as we are sure we can find a solution.