Golf Courses

Skytech Imaging is pleased to add this service to our golfing customers.  Golf courses are known for their beautiful tranquil settings.  They are also difficult technically speaking and success here is in the planning to obtain those terrific images that you will be proud to hang in your club house, use on your website, on your score cards or any other purpose.

To start with, Skytech Imaging will arrange a time to meet with the club manager, grounds keeper and sometime the golf pro.  At the initial meeting we like to discuss your course in detail and learn about any special features, signature hole, water hazards or some other feature that you would like to show case.  We will discuss how many holes we are shooting and set up a schedule as the photography will take several visits depending on what and how much we are shooting.

We then go out onto the course to visit the holes we are going to shoot.  This is a great time for you to tell us about the features and the lay of your course while we take notes.

The time of day to shoot is critical to get the best possible pictures.  We come very early in the morning before sunrise and then later in the day about an hour before sunset.  Pictures are taken in two ways, from the air using powerful electric drones with high quality HD camera’s and at ground level using DSLR’s.

You will receive all the digital files once they have been post edited and there will be no water marks or logo’s on them.  You are free to do what you wish with your finished files.  You will also receive a complimentary 24”x 36” laminated and mounted print of your choice.  Additional prints can be ordered through Skytech Imaging.

Please contact for pricing.