Mapping is where the use of a drone really excels.  It is fast, efficient and extremely accurate!  When performing mapping services customers are surprised to know that the flight of the drone is completely autonomous. The drone is flown in a grid over your location, taking pictures automatically from a pre-determined altitude.  Once the drone has landed the memory card is removed and all the images are uploaded to a cloud based company.  In as little as four hours the hundreds of stitched photos are created into an arthomosaic map that can then be downloaded and shared. Both 2D and 3D maps are easily created.  To put it into perspective approximately 700 pictures are taken in a quarter section.

There are so many different types of maps available that are designed for particular uses.  The question becomes more of a “What can’t a drone map?” Below are just a few examples of what and how Skytech Imaging are using the mapping abilities of todays drones.

Volume Measurement: If you are in the gravel business you will find this to be a fantastic tool.  After the orthomosaic image is completed, various cloud based tools are used to accurately measure the volume of each of your stock piles.